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Howells Solicitors: A Review of Services and Customer Feedback


Howells Solicitors is one of the leading law firms in the United Kingdom, offering a wide range of legal services to individuals and businesses. With a strong presence in South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire, the firm has built a reputation for providing high-quality legal advice and representation to its clients. In this article, we will take a closer look at the services offered by Howells Solicitors, as well as the feedback and reviews from their clients.

Legal Services Offered by Howells Solicitors

Howells Solicitors prides itself on offering a comprehensive range of legal services to meet the diverse needs of their clients. The firm’s team of experienced solicitors are experts in various areas of law, including:

1. Family Law: Howells Solicitors provide expert advice and representation in matters such as divorce, child custody, and domestic violence. Their family law team is known for their compassionate approach and dedication to achieving the best outcomes for their clients.

2. Conveyancing: The firm’s conveyancing team assists clients in buying, selling, and remortgaging properties. Their efficient and professional service has earned them a strong reputation among clients and local estate agents.

3. Personal Injury: Howells Solicitors has a dedicated team of personal injury solicitors who help clients claim compensation for accidents, medical negligence, and workplace injuries. They are committed to ensuring that their clients receive the compensation they deserve.

4. Wills and Probate: The firm’s private client team offers expert advice on will writing, estate planning, and probate matters. They understand the sensitive nature of these issues and provide a supportive and empathetic service to their clients.

5. Employment Law: Howells Solicitors provide effective representation for both employers and employees in matters such as unfair dismissal, discrimination, and contractual disputes. Their employment law team is known for their strategic and practical approach to resolving disputes.

Client Reviews and Feedback

The true measure of a law firm’s success lies in the satisfaction of its clients. Howells Solicitors has received numerous positive reviews and feedback from their clients, which reflects the firm’s commitment to providing excellent service. Many clients have praised the solicitors at Howells for their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to achieving the best outcomes for their clients.

In particular, the firm’s family law team has received glowing reviews for their compassionate and supportive approach to helping clients navigate difficult and emotional situations. Clients have expressed gratitude for the firm’s guidance and representation during divorce proceedings and child custody disputes.

The conveyancing team at Howells Solicitors has also garnered praise for their efficient and proactive service. Clients have commended the team for their attention to detail, clear communication, and ability to handle complex property transactions with ease.

Additionally, the firm’s personal injury solicitors have been lauded for their tenacity in securing compensation for clients who have been injured due to the negligence of others. Clients have expressed their appreciation for the firm’s thorough and diligent approach to investigating and pursuing personal injury claims.


In conclusion, Howells Solicitors is a reputable law firm that offers a wide range of legal services to meet the needs of individuals and businesses in the United Kingdom. The firm’s team of experienced solicitors are known for their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to achieving the best outcomes for their clients. The positive reviews and feedback from their clients are a testament to the firm’s commitment to providing exceptional service.

The firm’s holistic approach to client care and its emphasis on achieving positive outcomes for its clients sets Howells Solicitors apart as a leading law firm in the UK. Whether it’s family law, conveyancing, personal injury, wills and probate, or employment law, clients can rely on the expertise and dedication of the solicitors at Howells to provide effective and reliable legal representation.

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